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Apartment with two rooms and kitchenette in the attic hpapartmany – would you like one too? I think that in the corner of my soul, everyone would like a beautiful apartment, which would be with a kitchenette in the attic. Because it`s a wonderful combination that looks minimalist and very nice. Everyone would like her, I`m sure of that. And if you already have the option of a kitchenette in the attic, be happy, because it`s something incredibly great. The apartment has a beautiful atmosphere. Your kitchen can be equipped in any way – but I would choose either gray, which is beautiful for the interior, or, conversely, a more pronounced color, such as red – it also fits beautifully in the kitchen.


And believe me or not, if you have an apartment that is decorated in happier colors, your life will be more colorful and cheerful. It is also proven by various studies that positive colors support a positive mind, which is really true. Furnish the apartment according to yourself and preferably simply with some positive color that also suits the interior. Positive colors are red, yellow, green, white (which is also a neutral color that suits absolutely everything).


It is also good to put some decorations in the apartment. The decorations can be flowers or porcelain things (porcelain things look really beautiful in the apartment, so I would definitely not skimp on them). The apartment looks more cozy now. It also occurred to me that even lights can be a beautiful decoration. And not only on Christmas, but also on normal normal weekdays. So do not be afraid to decorate the apartment. But again, the rule is that less is sometimes more. Therefore, you do not have to „overpay“ the apartment. That really isn`t necessary. But no matter how you furnish the apartment, I believe that you will furnish it 100% to your satisfaction. So let the decoration of the apartment be as you would like it to be – and don`t forget the minimalist style, which is beautiful.

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